Talent Concept

Adhere to the "with success talents, use cultural training talents", adhere to the "people-oriented, performance oriented", for the employees to create good business atmosphere, through human resource system gradually perfect and enterprise harmonious culture construction to build enterprise attract and retain talents competition advantage. 

Fairness and justice to select and company values and cultural coincide, with strong career aspiration, with "work, integrity" virtue, has the team spirit, the pursuit of excellence with innovation ability of talents.
Establish long-term incentive mechanism and the KPI performance evaluation system, the play staff potential ability, let staff and the company grows together, make progress together, sharing success. Training and developing enterprise value-added fundamentally depends on human capital appreciation. The company attaches great importance to human resources development, set up a full-time training personnel to provide staff subdivision of induction and on-the-job training. 

Performance and remuneration 

Implement performance assessment, aimed at performance KPI, work ability, values and attitudes aspects of comprehensive evaluation, improve organizational efficiency, build a high performance, heavy executive team.
Formulated with ability and contribution and performance as the core of the compensation system, in both internal and external competitiveness fair, on the basis of fixed income, with hillock to take effect salary reward for employees to ensure that the industry has some of the internal and external competitiveness. The company will annually to the employee s salary review and adjustment, allowing employees to share to the growth of the results.

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